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McAbee Beach

A historical marker at McAbee Beach shares the various uses of the Beach over the past several hundred years.

Portuguese whalers launched boats from the beach from the Gold Rush to near the turn of the century, seeking to intercept migrating whales off the coastline. As kerosene reduced the need for whale oil, the industry died down and the land was sold to John B. McAbee. Around the turn-of-the-century, McAbee sought to make a living providing recreation for tourists, renting them boats, tents and small cottages. Without a steady income, and after the tragic 1906 fire at the Chinese settlement Point Alone, McAbee leased the land to the Pacific Improvement Company as a new settlement for the displaced Chinese fishing community. While the Chinese community on McAbee Beach never rivaled the size of its previous settlement at Point Alone (on the site of the current Hopkins Marine Station), some did make a home here until the late 1920's.