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City Attorney

Role of the City Attorney
Legal Advisor
The City Charter provides that “the City Attorney shall be the legal advisor to the City Council, its Boards and Commissions and the officers and employees of the City on all matters concerning the municipal affairs of the City.”  Services of the City Attorney’s Office include the preparation of formal and informal opinions and advice, preparation of ordinances, resolutions, permits, contracts, and other legal documents, and representation of the City before various State and Federal agencies. The City Attorney also advises on meeting procedures, including the Brown Act and Ex Parte Communications.

Legal representation is provided, either in-house or through outside retained counsel, in litigation arising from claims by or against the City, including representation in cases involving contracts, bodily injury and property damage, code enforcement, eminent domain, land use litigation, employer-employee matters and writs.  The City Attorney’s Office also prosecutes criminal infractions and misdemeanors involving violations of the Monterey City Code.

Responses to claims against the City for bodily injury, property damage and incidents involving alleged City negligence are coordinated with the City’s Risk Management Office.

PI-SEARCH-Magnify-Glassublic Records Requests
Many City records are available online and may be searched on I-SEARCH Monterey.

Requests for documents made under the California Public Records Act can be made by phone at (831) 646-3935 or in writing using the online form and directed to the City Clerk's Office using the contact information below.

Fill out the Public Records Request Form  and email or mail to:

City Clerk's Office  Attn: Records
580 Pacific St.
Monterey, CA 93940
Voice: (831) 646-3935

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