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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

The topic of diversity, equity and inclusion is intertwined with the Council Mission, Vision, and Value Drivers.

COUNCIL VISION:  "Monterey: A beautiful, special place to live, work, and visit. Anda!"
COUNCIL MISSION: "In partnership with our entire community, the Monterey City Council provides visionary leadership ensuring a safe, healthy, historic, economically vibrant, and sustainable environment."  
Value Driver #1: In collaboration with our community partners, work to improve the quality of life of all of our community members by fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion; championing equitable access to affordable housing; and maintaining a safe environment.  
Value Driver #8: Preserve, promote, and maintain our City’s historic and cultural resources through responsible stewardship and historic preservation that highlights the contributions and perspectives of all people who are a part of Monterey’s diverse history.
We will continue to populate this page with related meeting information and Council decisions.

Message from the City Manager, from the summer 2022 edition of City focus

A local look at diversity

First, a Reprint from City Focus, Summer 2000 edition:  "Diversity a Source of Community Strength"  
"Take a close look at Monterey. There is more here than first meets the eye ... " 
"Yes, we are a world-class visitor destination, and the visitor industry does fuel much of the local economy. At the same time, our area has emerged as a prominent center for research and higher education activity, and our institutions of study in language, international business and environmental sciences are among the finest in the world. In fact, Monterey is widely accepted as the Language Capital of the World. The people that make up our community are as diverse as our economy. If you look closely at our citizens, you will find people from all walks of life, a broad range of incomes and a rich mix of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We have a number of distinctive residential and commercial neighborhoods, each with its own special flavor. All in all, Monterey truly reflects the enormous demographic changes taking place in our State and Nation. Most of the time our diversity serves as a source of strength and is a major contributor to the success that Monterey enjoys. At times, however, our diversity can cause tension and friction and can even lead to acts of violence. As we work on a variety of issues dealing with safety, our schools, our economy and the future form of our City, it is important to remember to take pride in our community's diversity and use it as a source of  strength to help resolve community issues and concerns. There is no question this will help keep Monterey the truly great place that it is. "

These wise words were published in our City Focus back in the summer of  2000. They are still relevant to our City, our neighborhoods, and our City organization. As we approach the first district-based elections in November of this year, I encourage all of us to remember that the formation of districts has very little to do with representation of neighborhood-centric issues. Instead, a district-based election process is all about diversity, equity and inclusion, as they ensure that the ability of minority groups to elect representatives of their choice is not impaired as a result of vote dilution.  

Enjoy your summer. Go out and play and reflect in our many parks and/or on our beaches. When you do, spend a minute or so to think about our City’s future. What do you foresee? How can you participate to help make a positive impact? Maybe, you will find the courage and time to volunteer for one of the many positions on our Boards and Commissions. Thank you for allowing us to work with you. ANDA!