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Vision, Mission, Value Drivers, and Strategic Priorities

Council Vision, Mission and Value Drivers Adopted December 7, 2021
en español: Visión, misión, impulsores de valores y prioridades estratégicas (archivo PDF)

The City has established cascading goals, where the:
  • Vision is a description of Monterey’s “desired future”;
  • Mission identifies the role of the City of Monterey in pursuing the City’s Vision;
  • Value Drivers identifies what is important to the community to support the City’s Mission;
  • Strategic Priorities describes how the City can advance its goals in support of the Value Drivers; and the
  • City Staff Work Program is a set of specific programs, policies, or projects that support the City’s Strategic Priorities. 
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Council Vision
"Monterey: A beautiful, special place to live, work, and visit. Anda!"

Council Mission
"In partnership with our entire community, the Monterey City Council provides visionary leadership ensuring a safe, healthy, historic, economically vibrant, and sustainable environment."

Value-Drivers-Bubble-MapValue Drivers And strategic priorities

Value-Drivers-Icons-1QUALITY OF LIFE – In collaboration with our community partners, work to improve the quality of life of all of our community members by fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion; championing equitable access to affordable housing; and maintaining a safe environment.
The Council is committed to ensuring Monterey retains its special character, which derives from its heritage, size, and location. The Council also is committed to ensuring that Monterey is a safe, affordable, and inclusive place to live, work, and visit. Diversity, equity and inclusion, affordable housing, public safety, and community collaboration are cornerstones contributing to Monterey’s quality of life.

Strategic-Priorities-icon1Ensure the health and wellness of the community including the COVID-19 pandemic response through emergency operations, clear communication with the public, delivering vaccinations, supporting testing efforts, issuing emergency orders, managing social distancing regulations, adopting eviction protections, hosting blood drives, and providing food security.

Recognize that public safety is a priority to ensure that our City is safe and welcoming to all, contributing to our economic vitality as a destination City.

Prepare for emergencies and community resiliency

Strategic-Priorities-icon6Foster opportunities for the public to stay physically and mentally active through activities and services in our parks, trails, beaches, campgrounds, sports center, and community centers.

Provide learning opportunities and foster community connection through the Monterey Public Library.

Respond effectively to neighborhood concerns.

Fund projects for the betterment of Monterey’s neighborhoods through the Neighborhood and Community Improvement Program (NCIP).

Value-Drivers-Icons-2PROTECTING OUR ENVIRONMENT – Protect and preserve our natural environment by addressing climate change through ecologically responsible and pragmatic solutions.
The City Council recognizes the necessity of bold, pragmatic, and thoughtful solutions to protect our natural environment for future generations. Community decisions on transportation, land use, sea level rise, coastal protection, forestry, and city government operations can have a positive impact on our environment locally, regionally, and globally.

Protect the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and our environmental assets from pollution.

Develop a long-term strategy for Municipal Wharf No. 2 and a sustainable fishing industry.

Continue efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Expand access to electric vehicle infrastructure and encourage sustainable transportation.

Value-Drivers-Icons-3FISCAL STEWARDSHIP – Serve as stewards of the City’s financial resources through sound economic vitality efforts, streamlining operations, reasonable revenue enhancements, visionary long-term planning, fiscal transparency, and community partnerships.
The City Council is committed to balancing economic activity by supporting Monterey’s economic drivers, including but not limited to hospitality, academia, health care, retail, military, and fisheries. The Council also recognizes that continued prudent fiscal discipline helps ensure the high quality of life and services for residents; strategies include appropriate service levels, optimizing City operations, driving innovation that leverages technology and business solutions, ensuring workforce compensation and benefit structures are both competitive and financially sustainable, ensuring appropriate municipal infrastructure needs are addressed, implementing appropriate revenue enhancement opportunities, providing reliable and timely fiscal reporting, and fostering community partnerships.

Carefully manage City revenues and expenditures which support the delivery of City services.

Consider appropriate revenue enhancements to support City services and operations.

Restore and establish City reserves at levels that provide fiscal resiliency and ability to address various economic and natural disasters.

Strategic-Priorities-icon22Support business retention and business attraction efforts through partnerships with local business, business associations, and the chamber of commerce.

Strategic-Priorities-icon24Support our military installations (U.S. Army Garrison Presidio of Monterey, Naval Support Activity Monterey, and U.S. Coast Guard Station Monterey) as significant economic drivers in the region.

Strategic-Priorities-icon26Identify and seek grant funding opportunities for City services and infrastructure, including parks, recreation, library, museums, public safety, fire prevention, and planning.

Prioritize funding models and sources for facility rehabilitation, repair, and replacement.

Track, monitor, and respond to ongoing pension liability costs.

Strategic-Priorities-icon23Drive innovation through technology and business solutions that enhance productivity and effectiveness for staff, as well as customer service for the public.

Value-Drivers-Icons-4DEVELOP AND RETAIN A QUALITY WORKFORCE – Provide sufficient resources and support to develop, retain, and recruit a high quality city workforce.
The Council knows that the quality of city services correlates directly with the quality of city employees. For that reason, the Council is committed to supporting strategies that ensure Monterey can consistently attract, develop, and retain employees capable of delivering services consistent with their vision for the future of the City including providing employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful in serving the public.

Recognize that our workforce is our greatest resource for providing the service that our community deserves by providing city staff with the tools, resources, coaching, and feedback they need to perform well.

Support the City workforce through the COVID-19 pandemic including the implementation of citywide staffing and operational retooling, return-to-work protocols, COVID-19 contact tracing and notifications, and phase-in of the Reopening and Rehiring Fund.

Implement best practices in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) through training, performance, hiring, and recruitment efforts.

Foster employee safety and wellness, including provision of a robust safety program, employee-centric and employee-led Safety Committee, frequent safety tailgate meetings, an efficient vehicle fleet management program, and other efforts.

Provide fair, competitive, and market-rate compensation and benefits to employees through effective labor negotiations.

Value-Drivers-Icons-5SECURE WATER SOURCES – Champion regional and local efforts to secure adequate, affordable, and sustainable water sources for the city, now and into the future.
The Council recognizes that access to a dependable supply of fresh water is a significant gating factor that impacts the City’s ability to provide affordable housing and promote economic vitality consistent with the goals described in the City’s General Plan.


Continue to advocate and lobby on behalf of the City of Monterey’s interests on regional water issues, with an emphasis on securing water for affordable housing projects.

Value-Drivers-Icons-6AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Support efforts and policies that provide equitable access to affordable housing in Monterey and the region.
The Council embraces efforts that provide equitable access to affordable housing, including balanced approaches to increase housing supply, rental resources and assistance, and housing rehabilitation grants to homeless, low-income, senior and disabled individuals.

Support affordable housing through modern zoning policies/ordinances, ADU policies, housing grants, review of density requirements, and consideration of City-owned sites for affordable housing.

Strategic-Priorities-icon30Address homelessness through programs and partnerships such as the Multidisciplinary Outreach Team (MDOT) and continued support of homeless service agencies through the City’s Community Development Block Grant program such as but not limited to Gathering for Women and Community Human Services.

Value-Drivers-Icons-7ACTIVE MOBILITY – Expand opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to bike and walk safely through active transportation, accessibility, and safety initiatives.
The Council is committed to developing policies and supporting plans that create an environment where people, bicycles, buses, trolleys, and motor vehicles can move through the community safely and efficiently. The City Council also prioritizes pedestrian and bicyclist safety and mobility over driver convenience, and continues to value “Vision Zero” strategies of education, equity, engineering, evaluation, and enforcement.

Maintain and repair core street, roadway, and storm drain infrastructure.

Strategic-Priorities-icon34Provide and deploy effective parking facilities, programs, and enforcement tools that support resident, business, and visitor access to various business districts and neighborhoods.

Continue supporting planning and construction efforts for regional trail networks.

Continue to enhance mobility for people of all ages and abilities.

Value-Drivers-Icons-8HISTORIC PRESERVATION AND DIVERSITY – Preserve, promote, and maintain our City’s historic and cultural resources through responsible stewardship and historic preservation that highlights the contributions and perspectives of all people who are a part of Monterey’s diverse history.
The City Council is committed to support policies and plans that ensure the protection, appropriate development, and use of the City’s historic and cultural assets. The City Council also recognizes the importance of sharing the City’s diverse history through the lens of the Native Americans, Latinx, Euro-Americans, African Americans, and Asian American/Pacific Islander communities who have contributed to the Monterey community.

Ensure that the community’s history is interpreted and presented from a social justice lens.

Preserve and protect Monterey’s maritime history.

Value-Drivers-Icons-9TRANSPARENT AND INCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT – Foster a local government that is transparent and collaborative; and solicits, welcomes and appreciates input from all.
The City Council is committed to transparency, collaboration, and engagement with all of our residents, neighborhoods, businesses, and community partners through robust channels of communication including in-person, technology-based, and media outreach efforts. The City Council is also committed to providing core services to the community, and partnering with business, nonprofit, military, and government partners where appropriate.

Maintain and expand methods for the public to engage and interact with their city government using a variety of engagement tools including media outreach, digital communications, and in-person engagement.

Provide information and access to tools and resources through the City’s website.

Understand City leaders’ values and priorities by facilitating annual discussions about the City Council’s Value Drivers and Strategic Priorities.

Strategic-Priorities-icon39Recognize that City government’s role is to provide core services to the public, and partnerships with nonprofit, military, business, and other government agencies can be an effective means of supporting the public good.