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Healthy Eating, Active Living

Background and Purpose
In 2018, the City of Monterey's commitment to healthy eating and active living took a step further. Monterey joined with more than 180 cities throughout California in the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Cities Campaign. The HEAL Cities Campaign aims to reduce and prevent obesity by engaging municipal leaders to champion healthy eating and active living in their communities through adoption of policy and promotion of opportunities for residents and municipal employees. The campaign provides coaching and technical assistance to support this process.

"We live in an ideal setting for individuals to pursue healthy lifestyles, but it can still be hard to accomplish with so many daily responsibilities," said Community Development Director, Kimberly Cole. "The Heal Program will help us find new ways to support an active and healthy community."

For many years the City of Monterey has offered a variety of programs and services consistent with the HEAL program:
  • The Monterey Sports Center is a premier fitness facility that offers hundreds of group exercise, fitness, gym and aquatic activities each week.
  • Monterey Recreation supports an active lifestyle for all family members through its variety of activities and sports offerings.
  • Adopted area specific plans as well as the General Plan have incorporated enhanced lifestyle features including multi-modal walking and biking thoroughfares and low impact development policies.
  • Zoning and encroachment permits have encouraged farmer's markets and other special events that support healthy living.
  • Grants have allowed the City to incorporate Walk and Bike Safe programs for schools and Vision Zero walk and bike safety programs.
  • The City has many parks and beach areas including the Recreation Trail for the community to spend time in and enjoy.
  • Participating in the HEAL Program will allow the City to work this year to expand on this well-established foundation, including.
  • Pursue funding opportunities to enhance walking and biking connectivity.
  • Review City of Monterey General Plan for health related policies and consider future policy development.
  • Continue to implement the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
  • Adopt a Public Art policy to increase the amount of original artwork in parks and other public spaces in the community.
  • Prioritize implementation of plans in underserved neighborhoods.
  • Create an annual progress report.
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Report to City Council, April 6, 2021
Reducing Short-Lived Climate Pollutants in California - an Overview of Senate Bill (SB) 1383's Organic Waste Reduction Requirements
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