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Plan Submittal

Permit Applications
Complete applications may be submitted by email to Applicants will be contacted with fee payment information.

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Prior to applying for a building permit, the following may be required:
  • Approval from Architectural Review Committee (at least preliminary approval) or Homeowners Association approval
  • Single Family Review done by the Planning Department
  • Use permit or Variance permit (if applicable)
Applicants must have the following when applying for a building permit:
  • Address of project
  • Applicant contact information. A primary email address is required as a main point of contact.
  • Square footage of any new construction or addition and existing square footage
  • Name, address, and phone number of building owner
  • Name, address, and phone number of contractor (if known)
  • Name, branch and address of lender, if known (Section 3097 Civil Code)
  • Plan check fee (Based on project valuation)
  • Declaration that you have contacted MBARD at 831-647-9411 to determine if your project is subject to Federal and local asbestos regulations

Plans and document submittal/formatting requirements: (All documents must be digital)
File Type PDF (no jpg, png, dwg, or any other format will be accepted)
Vector Based converted from AutoCAD, Word, etc
Plan Files ONE FILE ONLY – The Set of Drawings must be combined into a single document. (Exception: for larger projects exceeding 100 MB, files may be broken down by type.      Example: ARCH, CIV, MEP, STRUCT, etc)
Naming DATE(yyyy-mm-dd)(space)DESCRIPTION(space)MBP20
Example: 2020-01-01 PLANS MBP20
Color Depth Grey-Scale (8-bit)
Maximum File Size 100 MBs
Layers NO LAYERS, Drawings must be flattened
Resolution 300 dots per inch, minimum
File Compression Yes
Protected or Locked Files No
Zip Files No
Orientation Landscape
View Zoomed to Full View
Alignment Consistent through discipline
Sheet Count Sheet Index on cover sheet.  Sheet count must match submitted plan set
Bookmarks, Digital Yes – Must indicate sheet number (e.g. S1.0) and sheet name (e.g FOUNDATION PLAN)
Title Block
  • All sheets MUST include:
  • Project title and address
  • Unique sheet number (e.g. S1.0)
  • Unique sheet name (e.g. FOUNDATION PLAN)
  • Revision number

Revision date
Graphical Scale Yes (for plans only) unless noted as “Not to Scale
Minimum Scale ¼” = 1’-0” for building plans, elevations, and sections:¾” = 1’-0” for building details and sections
Minimum Font Size 10 pt. or 1/10” in height
Embedded Fonts No
Resubmittals Plans must be in the same order as previous submittals. If sheets are added or removed, sheet orders and previous sheet numbers must not be changed
City Stamp Space Provide a minimum 3”x2” designated City Approval Stamp Space on Each sheet in the same location.  The preferred location is the lower right corner near the title block.
Hatch Pattern Fills Loose pattern

The following additional fees may apply depending upon the scope of work:
  • Fire Protection plan checks and sprinkler fees
  • School fees if habitable area added exceeds 500 SF (See next section)
  • TAMC fees (Transportation Agency for Monterey County). Regional impact fee for new structures or change of use. (See next section)
  • Sewer fees - Monterey One Water (formerly MRWPCA) permit or waiver (see next section)
  • City sewer fees may be assessed if sewer permit is issued
  • Stormwater Review and Inspection fee or Developer Design Review

Additional permits/approvals that may be needed prior to permit issuance:
Routing Matrix (PDF) for additional reviews/permits required based upon scope of work

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD) - Water Permit/Release (
An Electronic Water Permit Application Process Fact Sheet can be found here MPWMD FAQ. The form we will need completed is here Residential Water Release Form & Water Permit Application. Please fill out the form and return to us for verification and signature. We will return the signed copy for you to submit to the Water District at a water permit is needed, please submit a copy of the issued permit to our office.

Monterey One Water- Sewer Permit/Waiver (
Check with the Agency to determine if a permit or waiver is needed. They recommend simply calling them at 831-372-2385 or emailing to Please return either a Permit or Waiver to our office.

City of Monterey Sewer Connection - City Connection Engineering Fee
When a Sewer Permit is issued by Monterey One, the City charges a fee for connection to the system. Based on the Sewer Capacity Calculation the fees will vary. These fees will be added to your permit total and due at issuance.

Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) - Developer Fees
These fees are assessed by the school district directly based on addition of habitable square footage over 500 square feet. MPUSD documents [insert link] need to be completed and submitted to:
Carmen Gonzalez
Exec Secretary Operations, MPUSD
(831) 392-3926

Monterey Bay Air Resources District (MBARD) - Approval/Waiver required (
Approval is required for some renovation & demolition projects to prevent uncontrolled emissions of asbestos. The Renovation and Demolition link is here Renovation & Demolition. The permit application is here MBARD Demolition Application. MBARD can be contacted directly at 831-647-9411 for assistance in determining whether your project is subject to Federal and local asbestos regulations. Business types that need to check with MBARD are found here, Business FAQ's

Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) - Development Impact Fees (
The Impact Fee program provides a mechanism through which “growth pays for growth” and the county’s projected transportation needs can be met.New SFD’s, Commercial Buildings and changes in use are subject to this fee. Based on the TAMC Fee Calculation Worksheet (attached) your fees are $. These fees will be added to your permit total and due at issuance.

Fisherman's Wharf only:Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Commission approval and pre-construction meeting

Contractors must have the following prior to permit issuance:
  • California State Contractor's license
  • Worker's compensation insurance certificate
  • Current City of Monterey business license (646-3944)
Note: Only licensed contractors or building owners may take out a building permit. Please contact the Building Permit & Inspection Division at 646-3890 for any additional information.

Be sure to read the FAQs for much more information about the permit process.