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National Historic Landmark District Survey

National Historic Landmark Survey and Context Statement - Adopted Feb. 21, 2012; amended May 1, 2012

RRSlides-Planning6The City of Monterey received a $25,000 grant from the State Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) for the preparation of a National Historic Landmark District (NHLD) Survey and Context Statement. The historic context statement will identify the themes in the historical development of this area significant at local, state and national levels, establish periods of historical significance, identify associated property types with their character defining features, and establish evaluation criteria and integrity thresholds for important property types sufficient to provide a framework for evaluating resources individually and as district contributors for the National, California, and local registration programs.

Although the context will address the appropriate themes and boundaries for the NHLD and establish eligibility requirements for the district, it will also address the identification and evaluation of additional themes and property types using National Register, California Register, and local register criteria.

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