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Waterfront Master Plan

Waterfront Master Plan, Adopted by City Council February 16, 2016

RRSlides-Planning10On December 1, 2009, the City Council directed staff to develop a long-term, visionary master plan for the City’s waterfront that will ensure the City’s future as a multi-day destination that is convenient, fun, and beautiful. The Waterfront Master Plan was created through the efforts of City staff, various boards and committees, public workshops and public input, and was adopted by the City Council on February 16, 2016. The Waterfront Master Plan Study Area stretches from the west end of San Carlos Beach to the eastern end of Monterey Bay Park and includes Del Monte Avenue as its southern boundary. The Master Plan also addresses specific areas of concern, such as improvements to the Catellus Properties, sea level rise, and the relationship of the waterfront to Custom House Plaza, the Monterey Conference Center, the downtown, and Cannery Row in terms of parking and circulation.