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Public Works

The Public Works Administrative Office oversees the various divisions within the Public Works Department, administers the departmental budget, attends to legislative affairs, helps process human resources paperwork for the Public Works employees, and monitors all contracts with the federal government.

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Public Works Offices
Office Main Phone Shortcut URL Address
Public Works 646-3920    
Traffic Engineering

580 Pacific Street, 2nd Floor, Room 7, and 601 Wave Street
Environmental Regulations (water quality regulations related to storm water quality and sanitary sewage collection system management) 646-3895 601 Wave Street
General Services - Presidio Municipal Services 646-3926    
Harbor and Marina 646-3950 250 Figueroa Street
Mechanical - Fleet Operations 646-3956   23 Ryan Ranch Road
Parking 646-3953 340 Tyler Street
Streets and Utilities 646-3927 23 Ryan Ranch Road

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