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Rules and Regulations

The City of Monterey runs a diligent parking enforcement program. It is the intention of this program to ensure that public parking in Monterey is used in the best fashion possible. In order to achieve this goal we apply certain City and State regulations to govern the use and misuse of parking facilities. Enforcement of these regulations is done through a citation process. This means that any violators of applicable City or State parking regulations will be issued a parking citation.

For more information link to the City Code: Chapter 20 - Motor Vehicles & Traffic

To help you avoid being cited here's a compilation of parking rules and regulations:

  • Double Parking: It is illegal for a passenger vehicle to be double parked at any time. Double parking impedes the flow of traffic and could deny access to an emergency vehicle. Please do not double park.
  • Fire Hydrants: It is illegal to park in front of, or within 15 feet of any fire hydrant. Blocking a hydrant could cost someone their life.
  • Green Zones: Short term parking, to be used for 12 or 24 minute parking only. These zones are clearly marked by a green curb and/or a sign. The time limit will be specified either on the curb or the sign.
  • Disabled Parking: These zones and spaces, marked by either a blue curb, a sign, or a wheel chair painted in the space, are reserved for persons with license plates or placards issued by the State that specifically denote a disabled driver. All other vehicles parked in these zones/spaces will be cited.
  • Metered Parking: There are a variety of metered parking spaces in the City. These meters are enforced as posted seven days a week. Most meters accept quarters, dimes, nickels. More info, Street & Metered Parking...
  • Park with the flow- Park in the space: It is illegal to park against the flow of traffic. Your vehicle must face the same direction as the traffic flow and be no more than 18" from the curb. On-street parking spaces are designated by T's painted on the pavement. Take care to park within these designated space markings.
  • Permit Parking: Certain parking lots, or spaces within lots, are reserved for permit holders. These areas are clearly posted; parking in a permit required area without the proper permit is illegal. Dispenser tickets are not considered to be permits.
  • Parked in excess of 72 Hours - Per California Vehicle Code 22651(k) and City Code 20-72, No person who owns or has possession or custody or control of any vehicle shall park such vehicle upon any street or alley for more than a consecutive period of 72 hours. Vehicles parked beyond this time may be issued a warning, cited and/or towed. The purpose of this rule is to keep abandoned vehicles off the street. To avoid a citation for violating the 72 hour maximum, you must move your vehicle to another parking space. A disabled placard or residential parking permit does not provide an exemption from this restriction.
  • Red Zones: No parking at any time. These zones are clearly marked with a red curb and/or a sign.
  • Residential Parking: You must have a residential permit to park for longer than one hour in certain residential areas of the City. Watch for signs which designate these residential areas. More info, Resident Parking Programs...
  • Sidewalks/Crosswalks: Sidewalks are for pedestrian use only. It is illegal to park with any part of your vehicle on, or blocking a sidewalk. In addition, please make sure that you do not block disabled access ramps to sidewalks. It is illegal to park in a crosswalk.
  • Pay Station Lot: To park in certain City owned lots you must first find a parking space, then purchase a ticket / or pay for space at the pay station located in the lot. In most cases the pay stations are located at or near the entrance to these lots. Pay stations take coin or credit cards.
  • Time Limits: Time limits are clearly posted in all controlled parking areas. Look for signs or for curb markings. After you have parked in a time limit zone for the posted time you must move your vehicle at least 150 feet to avoid being cited. It is illegal to remove a chalk mark from your car's tire.
  • Un-designated Space: When parking in a lot or garage make sure that you are parked in a single designated space.
  • White Zones: Passenger loading zone, to be used for the loading and unloading of passengers and their baggage for a maximum of 3 minutes. These zones are clearly marked by a white curb and/or a sign.
  • Yellow Zones: Loading zone, to be used for the loading and unloading of equipment or materials for a maximum of 20 minutes. These zones are clearly marked with a yellow curb and/or a sign. Some yellow zones are for use by commercial vehicles only. These zones are clearly marked with "Commercial Loading Only" signs or curb markings.
  • Pay Attention: Paying careful attention to posted parking restrictions and time limits will save you a lot of time and trouble. If you are in doubt call the City of Monterey Parking Division at (831) 646-3953, email us or ask a Parking Enforcement Officer for information.