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Streets & Utilities

The Streets & Utilities section of the Maintenance Division is responsible for street repairs; pavement and curb marking; directional, parking and traffic signs; street lights and banners.

We also maintain the sanitary sewer and storm drain systems, including street sweeping and flood control. We are responsible for removing graffiti from these fixtures, abating abandoned property left in the public right of way and picking up litter along certain routes. The maintenance programs described below are done on a proactive rotating basis to assure uninterrupted service. Report problems or make service requests using the online portal

We maintain the paving on all finished roadways from one edge of the asphalt roadway to the other, as well as any drainage structures (curbs, gutters, and sidewalks are property owner's responsibility, unless damage is caused by City-owned trees.) We prepare road surfaces for resurfacing projects; maintain signs and coordinate with Parks & Beaches to eliminate plants/trees that obscure visibility; operate a street sweeping program for improved roadways and maintain City-owned street lights. Fix a pothole or street light.

Street Lights
Street lights within the city boundaries are routinely maintained by the electrician assigned to the Streets & Utilities Division. Damaged poles and fixtures are removed, replaced or repaired promptly. In the event that a light is malfunctioning or not working at all, please notify the division by telephone or via the on-line reporting system. We strive to restore the lighting in our neighborhoods within one or two business days of report.

Banners/Decorations - banner request application
We administer the City’s banner program, hanging and removing non-profit event banners downtown each week, and install seasonal holiday decorations on the main streets through town. Please contact the Streets Division at 831-646-3927. Banner Specifications
We maintain an ongoing rotational cleaning program (more frequent cleanings for "problem" sections); provide information on backflow requirements; inspect new (or replaced) sewer lateral tie-in connections and act in response to sewer overflows into the public right of way.

Stormwater - see more on Stormwater in the Environmental Regulations section
We maintain gutters, grates, catch basins, pipe systems, unimproved roadside gullies, ditches and natural drain courses. We perform routine inspections and ongoing maintenance of City drainage systems; monitor lake levels; maintain a storm patrol during rainy periods; and assist with neighborhood problems.