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Human Resources

About the City of Monterey Human Resources Department
The City of Monterey Human Resources Department is a pivotal component of the municipal government's operations, responsible for managing and supporting the city's diverse and dedicated workforce. Committed to fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment, the HR department serves as a hub for talent acquisition, employee development, and labor relations. The department plays a vital role in ensuring the recruitment of top-tier staff, administering employee benefits, training, and maintaining compliance with labor laws and regulations. 

Human Resources Department provides services and information in the areas listed below:

  • Classification and Compensation - to maintain job performance standards and review compensation.
  • Employee Benefits - to evaluate, recommend, manage and administer employee benefits programs.
  • Employee & Labor Relations - to meet and confer/negotiate for compensation.
  • Recruitment and Selection - to identify and select for employment qualified candidates using the merit system.
  • Training - to maintain and develop employee skills and state-mandated safety training.

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Connect with the City of Monterey Human Resources Department on Facebook and LinkedIn @CityofMonterey to learn about career opportunities, organizational announcements, and our municipal services. City of Monterey Human Resources Mission: "We strive to educate and support all employees and departments so that they are empowered to fulfill the City's mission."