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Monterey Bay Coastal Rec Trail

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail
One of the most unique features in Monterey County is the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. This paved path stretches 18 miles from Castroville in the north to Pacific Grove in the south. Commuters, residents, and visitors to avoid busy roads, get exercise or enjoy a scenic trip. You can enjoy all Monterey attractions along the waterfront trail, including Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, beaches, parks, historic sites and Downtown Monterey. Several local businesses offer bicycle, kayak, surfboard, paddle board, in-line skate and surrey (canopied quadricycles capable of seating up to six people) rentals along the path. Every mile offers scenic vistas and wildlife viewing, including harbor seals, sea otters, sea lions, birds and sometimes even whales!
The trail runs over the old Southern Pacific railroad tracks that serviced Cannery Row during the famed sardine era. The Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District came up with the inspired idea to transform the abandoned lines into a public trail. With aid from the Coastal Conservancy and the cities of Monterey, Pacific Grove and Seaside, the railway transformed into the beautiful and popular trail many enjoy today.

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Remember these guidelines:

  • Just as on the street, please stay to the right whenever possible.
  • Please do not walk or ride more than 2 abreast so as not to block the Trail for other users.
  • Stop and look both ways before crossing a street intersection.
  • Remember that you are sharing the park with others. Please be considerate and patient, especially in congested areas.
It really boils down to just being courteous and using common sense. The Trail is designed to link together our waterfront areas and to accommodate many, many people. We hope that you will enjoy it often.

Rules for Coastal Trail

Mind your manners! We are very pleased that our Recreation Trail is so very popular. We wish to remind ALL Trail Users to be aware of the safety and rights of all users EQUALLY. Refer to City Code, CHAPTER 22 - Offenses - Miscellaneous

It is unlawful to ride a skateboard on the Monterey Coastal Trail between the head of Fisherman's Wharf and the City limit with Pacific Grove. (Section 22-14 of the Monterey City Code) It is also unlawful to ride any wheeled conveyance such as a bicycle, roller skates/blades or skateboard in an unsafe manner anywhere on the Monterey Recreation Trail. (Section 22-13 of the Monterey City Code)

Dogs must be on a leash no longer than six (6) feet at all times. (Section 23-8(a) of the Monterey City Code). Any excrement deposited by the animal must be promptly removed. (Section 6-16.6 of the Monterey City Code).

Specific Uses

All Users
  1. The Recreation Trail is a PEDESTRIAN/BICYCLE Trail. Walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and skaters are permitted.
  2. Walk/ride/skate on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the Trail in the direction you are going.
  3. Keep moving in a safe manner.
  4. Be COURTEOUS and CAUTIOUS of others.
  5. Do not impede the rights of other Trail users.
  6. Be patient, especially in congested areas.
  7. Stop and look both ways before crossing a street intersection.
No person shall ride or propel a skateboard at San Carlos Beach Park or on the Coastal Trail between the head of Municipal Wharf No. 1 and the City limit with Pacific Grove. 
  1. Skateboard individually and not abreast in groups.
  2. Skateboard at a safe speed.
  3. Skateboard in a forward movement and not swagger.
  4. No acrobatic tricks while skateboarding.
  5. Do not damage public or private property with your skateboards.
Please visit our skate park as well.

  1. Ride single file.
  2. Ride at a safe speed.
  3. When passing, signal in advance with bell or horn, loudly announcing "passing on left."
  4. Pass at slow speed always aware that others unknowingly may move in your direction.
  1. Walk or jog only 2 abreast.
  2. Do not block the Trail.
  3. Do not step into the flow of traffic on the other side of the Trail without looking to see if it is safe.
  1. Skate only 2 abreast.
  2. Skate at a safe speed.
Your help and cooperation in these Coastal Trail Etiquette guidelines will help make the Trail a fun and safe place for everyone.