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Window on the Bay

Goals & Objectives

  • Reclaim public access to beaches
  • Open obstructed view sheds
  • Improve waterfront parks and recreational facilities
  • Improve and beautify the primary transportation corridor along the coastline
  • Protect and reintroduce native flora to the area's fragile sand dunes

Recreation Trail

The Window on the Bay Waterfront Park is just one of many must-see stops along the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. It stretches 18 miles, from Castroville in the north to Pacific Grove in the south. This popular paved path hugs the coast, following the same route as the old Southern Pacific Railway. The Rec Trail is a great way for families to reach the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Cannery Row, city beaches, Fisherman's Wharf, and much more — avoiding busy roads all the way. Learn more at our Rec Trail page.

Project Area
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More information

Window on the Bay

Since the City's Master Plan of 1939, the City of Monterey has had the vision of acquiring open space and providing public access to our waterfront. The extent of that open space and public access along our waterfront ranges all the way from our westerly city limit line with the City of Pacific Grove to our easterly city limit line with the City of Seaside.

Besides many individual projects already completed, the most recent addition to our wealth of public open space and access is the completion of the San Carlos Beach Park at the entrance of Cannery Row. This park is of tremendous benefit not only to the citizens of Monterey, but also to the visitors and scuba divers who visit Monterey Bay.

The crown jewel of the public open space along our waterfront is the Window-on-the-Bay project. Originally conceived in 1939, this will provide tremendous public viewing as well as public access opportunities along our main traffic artery, Del Monte Avenue. This project has the two-fold purpose of providing waterfront and recreational access, and allowing the City to make traffic safety improvements to the central portion of Del Monte Avenue.

The Project is divided into two areas. The "West Project Area" which extends from near Wharf #2 to Park Avenue. The "East Project Area" which extends from Park Avenue to Sloat Avenue.
The City has funding partnerships in this project with the State, County, Packard Foundation, Coastal Conservancy, Regional Park District, Regional Transportation Agency, and private citizen donations.

Significant progress on acquiring properties for waterfront access and the Window-on-the Bay Park has been made. However, more work is needed, such as the completion of the public park areas near Wharf #2.

In the West Project Area, the demolition of previous improvements and toxic remediation at the former Luce-Carmel Meat Company property, the Cellular One property, the Fugazi/Honda property, the Kereta property, and the former Pebble Beach Co property have been completed. A continued effort in negotiations signifies a clear vision and commitment toward the quest for more public access.

Local and Regional Purpose

The acquisitions and projects already completed, projects in construction now, and those contemplated by both private owners and the City working together, can be crowned by the completion of the Window-on-the-Bay Park.

These projects, in fact the entire Monterey Waterfront, can and will serve a local and regional purpose for our citizens and the visitors that come to the Monterey Peninsula.
  • Developed into a public park the four properties acquired in the 1980s at the west end of the "West Project Area" near Wharf #2.
  • Completed the widening of Del Monte Avenue at Monterey's east end adjacent to Seaside through to the Navy property near Sloat Avenue, near the "East Project Area" of the Window-on-the-Bay project.
  • Acquired the former Color Ad property in the "East Project Area" to continue progress on the project.
  • Completed acquisition and demolition of the following properties and improvements, which will be converted to park area in the future: Luce-Carmel Meat, Pebble Beach Company, Cellular One, Fugazi/Honda, and Kereta.
  • The City has approved acquisition of the Vapor Cleaners parcel. Only two (2) privately-owned parcels remain to be acquired in the West Project Area.
  • The City has acquired the 2.62 acres, former Southern Pacific/ Sante Fe Railroad, West parcel from Catellus Development Corporation.
  • The City has received the exclusive option to purchase the 4.486 acre, former Southern Pacific/ Sante Fe Railroad, East Parcel from Catellus Development Corporation.
  • Continues to set aside a portion of available funds into an opportunity-buying property acquisition account for the project.
  • Work with State agencies and Private organizations to secure leverage/partner funding to complete the project.
  • Continuing to identify Window on the Bay as a high priority.