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Community Police Academy

the program starting March 15, 2023 is full. We will plan another academy later in the year.

Program is free - SEE FLYER

Community-Police-Academy-2023Our Community Police Academy is a dynamic, exciting and informative program, that runs three hours, once a week for eleven weeks. The program is designed to provide Monterey residents with an interactive, hands-on, comprehensive overview of policing, and to provide participants an understanding of the job, knowledge, skills and abilities required of the modern day community-focused police officer.

Topics Covered

Class time includes an introduction to the organization, 21st century policing; patrol procedures and department structure; records/jail; traffic enforcement; arrest, detention, and use of force; firearms safety; defensive tactics, community action team, and various other department programs.


  • Provide service to the community.
  • Provide the participants new and hopefully positive insight into the difficult challenges of today’s law enforcement personnel.
  • Promote and develop partnership with the citizens of Monterey.


The concept of the Citizens' Police Academy started in the United Kingdom in 1977. It began in the City of Exeter, England. A police night academy school was implemented to allow citizens, who were anxious to learn about police functions, police operations and the organization of the police system in England.

Photos from Fall 2017 - see related City Focus article