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Get Informed


The Monterey Police Department is working to make the City of Monterey a safe place to live and work by forming partnerships with its citizens and businesses. To us, providing police services is a lot more than just writing a crime report after the fact. It means working with the community to prevent crime and solve problems.
We invite you to become our partners in making your City a safer and better place.

  • Become an active participant in your neighborhood.
  • Find a place that needs you and volunteer your time.
  • Be a good neighbor. Be observant, informed, and considerate.
  • View the Annual Report 2021
Please join us in our efforts to make Monterey a wonderful place to live, work, and play.


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Would you know what to do if...
A great thing about kids is your natural trust in people, especially in adults. It's sometimes hard for parents to teach their children to balance this trust with caution. But kids today need to know common sense rules that can help keep you safe - and build the self-confidence you need to handle emergencies.
  • You got lost at a shopping mall or concert?
  • A nice-looking, friendly stranger offered you a ride home?
  • A friend dared you to drink some beer or use drugs?
  • A neighbor or family member wanted to play a secret game?

Drug Awareness
Kids-Dot-GovDon't put off talking to your children about alcohol and other drugs. As early as fourth grade, kids worry about pressures to try drugs. School programs alone aren't enough. Parents must become involved, but most parents aren't sure how to tell their children about drugs.

Open communication is one of the most effective tools you can use in helping your child avoid drug use. Talking freely and really listening shows children that they mean a great deal to you.

Learn more about informing your kids and teens by reviewing these sites:

Caltrans encourages drivers to take extra precautions when driving in dangerous construction areas.