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Command Staff

David J. Hober
Chief of Police
(831) 646-3800

Chief and Callahan - CopyDave Hober was appointed as the twenty-second Chief of the Monterey Police Department (MPD) on July 15, 2015. Dave was hired by the MPD in February 2015, as the Assistant Chief of Police. 

Dave started his law enforcement career in 1988, with the San Jose Police Department (SJPD). Dave worked various assignments as an officer and sergeant which included: Patrol, Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET), Mobile Emergency Response Group & Equipment (MERGE), Field Training Officer (FTO), Vice, Assaults, Robbery, Street Detective, Internal Affairs, Chief's Adjutant and as a Tactical Negotiator. In 1996, Dave left the SJPD, graduated from the FBI Academy (NAC 96-18) and served as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 14 months before returning to the SJPD. As a lieutenant, Dave was a patrol watch commander and subsequently commanded the VCET/HMU/AIR Support units and the Criminal Intelligence/Vice Units. As a captain, Dave's assignments included commanding a Bureau of Investigations Division and being assigned to represent the City of San Jose on a regional federal funding consortium. As a Deputy Chief, Dave commanded three of the four bureaus of the SJPD; Investigations, Technical Services and the Bureau of Field Operations. 

Dave holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and dual graduate degrees in Public Administration and Criminal Justice Administration from San Jose State University. Dave is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police, hosted by PERF (Class 44) and the Executive Leaders Program - Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security (Class 2201).

Dave has served as the President of The Rotary Club of Monterey (2023-2024), the President of the Monterey County Chief Law Enforcement Officers Association (2024) and as the Vice Chair of the Monterey Peninsula College Bond Oversight Committee. Dave and his wife have three adult children and live on the Monterey Peninsula. Dave grew up and went to school in Santa Cruz County. Dave's mother's family came to Northern California in the 1840's.

Assistant Chief Mike Bruno
(831) 646-3965

Bruno-APCMike has been with the Department since 2005. He was born and raised in San Jose. Mike has a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies and a Master's degree in Public Administration. 

Mike has worked a number of assignments to include: patrol, field training and investigations. Promoted to Sergeant in 2012, Mike handled several different supervisory positions including: patrol, investigations, and personnel and recruitment. He was also the sergeant and Acting Commander for the Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Team (PRVNT). In 2016, Mike was promoted to Lieutenant, where he served in the Investigations/ Special Operations Division. 

Mike was promoted to Assistant Chief in 2021. 

Lieutenant Ethan Andrews
Patrol Division
(831) 646-3822

AndrewsEthan has been with the Department since 2006. He has a Bachelor's Degree  in Criminal Justice from California State University Chico and a Master's Degree from Golden Gate University San Francisco. During the first half of his career, Ethan worked a number of different assignments, to include patrol, Community Action Team, and in the Investigations Division. 

Promoted to sergeant in 2014, Ethan handled several different supervisory positions including patrol and Community Action Team. Ethan has also been a member of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Response Unit SWAT team since its inception in 2009, and has held positions of Breach, Team Leader, and Tactical Commander. Ethan currently serves as the Special Response Unit Commander.

In 2017, Ethan was promoted to Lieutenant, and served for three years in the Special Operations Division and was assigned as the commander for the Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Team (PRVNT). Ethan currently serves in the Patrol Division and the Field Training Program. 

Lieutenant Jake Pinkas
Investigations/ Administration Division
(831) 646-3816

Lt-JPinkasJake has been with the Department since 2007. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Management and a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership.

During his tenure, Jake has worked all three shifts as a patrol officer. He also has been assigned to the Traffic Division as a motor officer, a member of the Community Action Team (CAT), and as a Field Training Officer. In 2016, he was promoted to sergeant and supervised both patrol teams and CAT. Jake was a certified instructor for the MPD Range Team in pistol, rifle, Less Lethal and the Force Options Simulator. He is an instructor in Principled Policing, Defensive Tactics, and Simunitions. Jake is also the lead instructor in the MPD's use of force training called Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics (ICAT). This is a nationally recognized training concept that teaches officers critical thinking skills and de-escalation tactics in crisis situations. 

In 2020, Jake was promoted to Lieutenant, where he served in the Patrol Division and oversaw the Multi-Disciplinary Outreach Team, or MDOT. This team, composed of MPD officers and social workers from several different social service agencies, conducts daily outreach with our homeless community and others in need. 

Jake currently serves as the Investigations and Administrative Divisions Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Gabe Kaster
Patrol Division
(831) 646-3803

Kaster-LtGabe has served the Monterey Police Department since 2005. He was initially hired as a Police Services Technician and became a Police Officer in 2006. In 2018 Gabe was promoted to Sergeant. Gabe holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and  his Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership. 

During his tenure, Gabe has been assigned as a patrol officer, a Community Action Team officer, a Field Training Officer, a patrol supervisor, and as a training/administration/Internal Affairs sergeant. Gabe is also a certified instructor for the MPD Range Team in pistol, rifle, and Taser. 

In 2021, Gabe was promoted to Lieutenant. Gabe currently serves in the Patrol Division and the Community Action Team.

Senior Administrative Analyst Karen Faurot
Finance and Analytics
(831) 646-3827

FaurotKaren has been with the Department since 2007. She started as an Executive Assistant and has been in her current position since May 2012, moving up to Senior Analyst in October 2017. Karen currently manages the Support Services detail. She also oversees taxi and massage permits, the department grants, and the police facility. 

Karen holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Professional Studies and a Master's Degree in Public Administration.