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Measure P & S

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Measure P FAQs

What's Included
$17.2 million for 728 street segments - A street segment is a portion of a street defined from intersection to intersection- basically each block. These streets were identified for inclusion by the City's pavement management system. The street listing was identified at Council meetings and actions that led to the justification for a ballot initiative. $10.08 million for ADA upgrades - Federal Law requires City's to bring its facilities into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when it performs rehabilitation work to infrastructure (i.e. streets). Activities such as asphalt overlay or road reconstruction require that additional work be completed to bring accessory components (i.e. curb ramps) into compliance with current standards. Work such as pothole repair and slurry seals are considered maintenance and do not meet the threshold to mandate compliance.

$2.72 million for storm drain repair - Work has been identified to bring the lowest rated storm drain pipes into a state of good repair (approximately 5400 lf). Additional funding was identified to maintain storage ponds and replace pumping infrastructure.

$2 million for sidewalk repairs - Sidewalk work will be performed to repair the highest prioritized sidewalk displacement (type 3- displaced more than 3/4").

What's Not Included
Traffic Calming Measures - The funding was identified to rehabilitate existing street infrastructure. Traffic calming does not fit in that description. Items such as bulb-outs at intersections will be 'driven' by the need to make ADA ramps compliant.

Curb and Gutter Repair - Functional curb and gutters will not be replaced even if it is not aesthetically pleasing.

Driveways - With vary minor exceptions, work on driveways will not occur (the exception is to meet compliance for an ADA corner ramp and there is a conflict with an existing ramp).

Neighborhoods - In general terms, work will occur on the eastern and western ends of the City and work will progress towards the center.
  • Street segments will be field evaluated to confirm the appropriate treatment.
  • Areas that are to receive maintenance work (slurry), will be packaged together for construction. The anticipation is that two slurry packages will go out each of the four years (spring and fall). It is very likely that the slurry work will occur on a City wide basis.
  • Areas to receive rehabilitation will be analyzed for ADA compliance.
  • ADA ramp design and construction will occur.
  • When compliance is achieved, a paving package will be prepared and work will occur. Paving work will likely be more concentrated to specific areas.

THANK YOU! Thank you for getting involved in the City of Monterey Measure S - Fixing Streets program. We hope this page gives you the information you are looking for. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • The total amount of slurry seal placed was 1.28 million square feet. This equates to almost 30 acres or a little more than 22 football fields.
  • The total number of streets that will be touched by Measure P is a little more than 9 million square feet.
  • All public works projects have a one year warranty. If you have feedback about the work done, please let us know. Call us at 646-3448, email us at, or complete the online comment form.

As of April 1, 2019 - Measure P is now Measure S


Quick Facts
Resolution establishing the Measure S Oversight Committee

Measure S was approved by 82% of voters in November 2018 as a continuation of Measure P. It authorized a 1% local district tax (sales and use tax) to be used “to address significant deferred maintenance by fixing streets, sidewalks, and potholes; improve related access and safety for senior citizens, disabled residents, and others; and repair its 100-year-old storm drain system to protect our beaches/Monterey Bay.”

Measure P was approved by 74% of voters in November, 2014, and expired in March 2019.

The tax is effective from April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2027.

  • The California Board of Equalization has information on collecting and remitting sales and use taxes, including current tax rates on its website at
  • For information on who is responsible for collecting district taxes and the difference between State sales tax and district taxes, see BOE Publication 44 at
  • The City of Monterey's Fixing Streets web page has much more information on the construction. Find it at