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Transportation Planning

The Traffic Engineering Division develops plans for improving, creating and maintaining pedestrian facilities. Transportation planning is the critical precursor to the implementation of any transportation improvement. The City wants to provide a safe and sustainable transportation system that provides for the mobility of residents, visitors, goods and services.


Traffic Study - General Plan
This traffic study incorporates a detailed analysis of the City's existing road network within development areas.

Lighthouse Destination Plan
One-way proposed alternatives for the New Monterey / Lighthouse district to minimize traffic impacts to New Monterey and Cannery Row, enhance the district and safety, move people and goods efficiently and reduce collisions.

David & Prescott Avenues Traffic Management Plan
A plan to address traffic speed and pedestrian safety on David and Prescott Avenues.

Traffic Control Plan
The basic objective of each traffic control plan (TCP) is to permit the contractor to work within the public right of way efficiently and effectively while maintaining a safe, uniform flow of traffic. The construction work and the public traveling through the work zone in vehicles, bicycles or as pedestrians must be given equal consideration when developing a traffic control plan. A Traffic Control Plan shall be required from the contractor for all work performed within the public right-of-way.

Multi Modal Mobility Plan (Monterey on the Move)
Monterey on the Move takes great strides forward in the development of a complete bicycle network by filling gaps and connecting the key development areas of Monterey. This plan contributes to many of the goals and ambitions of the City of Monterey, including the commitment to meeting and exceeding environmental standards, while providing a safe transportation system for all types of transport.


Holman Highway Roundabout Project - COMPLETED!
This project would relieve existing and future traffic congestion, improve traffic safety, improve traffic operations, minimize delay of emergency vehicle access to the hospital, and reduce the incentive for bypass traffic through the Skyline Forest neighborhood. It would also result in improved access to the Pebble Beach entrance, the CHOMP and Beverly Manor Complex.
  • Phase 1 Holman Hwy (CHOMP Intersection Improvements)
  • Phase 2 Holman Hwy (Access to CHOMP)
Safe Routes to School - Via Ladera Sidewalk Construction
In 2009 the City of Monterey received a grant from the State Safe Routes to School Program (SR2S) to construct a sidewalk on one side of Via Ladera. This project will create a safe place for students to walk, reduce congestion during drop-off and pick-up times, and encourage students to walk or bike to school.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program
The City of Monterey initiated a comprehensive approach to neighborhood traffic calming to address a variety of traffic concerns expressed by local residents. The program is designed to provide consistent, citywide policies to neighborhood traffic management to ensure equitable and effective solutions.