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Transportation Demand Management

Watch the Video - what is transportation demand management?

What is Transportation Demand Management (TDM)?
TDM is just a fancy way of saying: we improve transportation outcomes for everyone by maximizing smart mobility choices that meet and exceed travelers’ needs.


Why TDM in Monterey?

  • Maximize Existing Transportation Infrastructure for Today While Continuing to Plan for Tomorrow
  • Helping Employees Get to Work, Students/Faculty Get to Campus, and Visitors Get Around Town
  • Lead by Example as a Community and as a Major Employer

When do you use TDM?

Start with once a week, if you are a star !
We promise you will heart it!
And then do it every day, just like a good  coffee!

What are the Outcomes of TDM?

  • Recruitment and Retention of Workforce
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Return on Investment
  • Business Continuity
  • Returning Customers
  • Increased Purchases
  • Healthier Lifestyles
  • Cleaner Environment
  • A world-class City to live, visit, and work in

Community Benefits of TDM
The benefits of reducing dependence on the automobile are extensive, not only to an organization but also for the larger community.

Environmental Benefits
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels and green house gas emissions
  • Reduced congestion and energy consumption
  • Improved air and water quality reduced emissions and fluid leaks)
  • Reduced heat dome effect (reduced need for paved surfaces)
Economic and Financial Benefits
  • Reduced car ownership, maintenance, and parking cost
  • Reduced need for expensive regional vehicular infrastructure, yielding lower return on investment than transit
  • Reduced cost of healthcare (over the long-term)
  • Attracts individuals that value a multi-modal environment (representing much of today’s work force)
Transportation System Benefits
  • Reduced traffic congestion resulting in time savings
  • Enhanced overall access, convenience, and connectivity
Social Benefits
  • Improved quality of life in communities with transportation options (walkable and bikeable)
  • Allows for social interactions and community connectedness
  • Reduced fragmentation and safety issues caused by wide, high-speed roads
  • Enables an aging population to retain independence in the community
Health and Safety Benefits
  • Improved health through active transportation (biking and waking)
  • Improved air quality
  • Reduced stress levels

Did you Know?


Where Do We Go from Here?
As part of this project, we are establishing core partnerships with business and community leaders and are currently developing TDM resources for our partners.


Coming Soon Fun Facts/Did you know?
Which additional roadway infrastructure project will help improve traffic flow in Monterey?
“I Support TDM in Monterey; it is working for me and my business.”
Human Resources: YOU can make TDM happen!

How Can I Play A Part in TDM in Monterey?

Whether you are a visitor, student, employee, employer, or resident, there are many large and small ways to play at part. Click on the icons below for specific strategies to implement or take advantage of to be part of the solution:
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