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Disabled Parking

disabledparkingsignAccording to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, 22511.5 (a)(1): A disabled person (DP) or disabled veteran (DV) displaying special license plates issued under Section 5007 or a distinguishing placard issued under Section 22511.55 or 22511.59 is allowed to park for unlimited periods in any of the following zones:
  • On-street parking spaces with the International Symbol of Access (wheelchair symbol).
  • Next to a blue curb authorized for disabled parking.
  • At any regular ON-STREET parking space without regard to the posted time limit.
  • Next to “limited time” green curbs.
  • For free at any on-street metered parking space, except meters with yellow tops along Cannery Row.
  • In an area that indicates it requires a resident permit.
More information about Disabled Person and Disabled Veteran parking may be found at the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


  • Vehicles may not park in the crosshatched pattern located next to a space displaying the International Symbol of Access (wheelchair symbol). The crosshatched sections of these spaces are for wheelchair and wheelchair lift access.
  • Vehicles may not park next to red curbs, which indicate no stopping, standing or parking.
  • Vehicles may not park next to yellow curbs or yellow top of the meters, which are for commercial vehicles to load and unload passengers or freight.
  • Vehicles may not park next to white curbs, which are for loading and unloading passengers, or depositing mail in an adjacent mailbox, for longer than the 3 minutes.
  • DP parking spaces are available in all off-street parking lots and garages. However, patrons who choose to park in these facilities are obligated to pay any applicable parking rates. This applies to both private and public off-street parking garages and parking lots. California Vehicle Code privileges for free parking with DP placards and license plates only apply to on-street parking.
  • For privately owned off-street garages and parking lots which do not charge fees, vehicles with DP placards must abide by any posted ordinances or restrictions for those facilities.
  • 72 Hour Parking Limit: Vehicles are not allowed to park on the street, off-street parking lots and garages, in the same location, for more than 72 hours per Monterey City Code 20-72
  • Failure to Display Placard: If you receive a citation and can prove that you had a valid disabled placard that was not displayed at the time you parked your vehicle, you may have the citation waived for an administrative fee of $10.00.

Disabled Placard Abuse

It is illegal to:
  • Lend your DP placard to another person. DP placards are not transferable
  • Forge a physician’s signature to obtain a DP placard
  • Use someone else’s DP placard
  • Possess or display a counterfeit placard
  • Provide false information to obtain a placard
  • Alter a placard or a placard identification card
Per the California Vehicle Code, abuse of a DP placard may result in cancellation and revocation of the placard, including loss of all privileges it provides. California Vehicle Code §§ 1825, 4461, 4463, 21458, 22511.5, 22511.6, 22511.7, 22511.55, and 22511.59. Business and Professions Code §13660.