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Special Events & Filming

The 2024 - 2025 FY Special Event Support Program application period was February 1 - 29, 2024.
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- see the grant program page for details.

Community events provide opportunities for cultural enrichment, promote economic vitality, enhance the quality of life for residents and help to reinforce community identity. Community events provide a forum for people to engage in expressive activities, and may also provide funding opportunities for service organizations.

What is considered a special event?
Examples of a special event include an auto show, block party, festival, market or trade show, outdoor concert, parade, sporting event, walkathon, or a wedding. An event can be held on public or private property.

The Event Proposal is the first step in having your special event take place in the City of Monterey. This form will assist us in determining if your event is feasible and can proceed through the permit process. Complete the Special Event Proposal form first - available in PDF or online below via DocuSign. Once your proposal is reviewed, we will let you know which of these permit applications you need to complete. The City’s objective is to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare by ensuring that events are compatible in size and type of use with their sites; impacts on neighbors and others are managed; adequate services are provided for the events and the events do not interfere with the City’s ability to provide services to the entire community; mechanisms are available for cost recovery and use charges, while not unduly impacting the viability of events. 

We do our best to contact you within five business days regarding the status of your proposal once you submit this form. City staff may reach out to you with additional questions. If your proposal is approved, then you can begin the permit process.

permits and fees - START HERE

  • Complete the Special Event Proposal form first - using DocuSign. Simply add your name and email address and the form will populate the fields you need to complete. Once your proposal is reviewed, we will let you know which of these permit applications you need to complete.
  • Prices are subject to change. This page is a guide and may not have the latest fees posted. Links are to permit applications, not permits.
  • Most permit applications area available as interactive Adobe PDFs. Save to your computer, complete and email to us at
  • If you have any questions, please call (831) 646-3770. For questions about permits or events at City parks and beaches, please call Monterey Recreation at (831) 646-3866 or email:

Permit Type Managing Office
Assembly, street closure, parade, amplified sound or race
Assembly and amplified sound at City park or beach
Monterey Conference Center
Monterey Recreation
Description and Fee
Complete for street closure, parade, amplified sound, assembly or race permit. A 4 hour minimum charge per officer if police presence is needed at an event where there are street closures; cost depends on the type of event.
Banners Streets or Planning
Description and Fee
For banners in the right of way - billed for actual costs of service - contact Jeff Glass at our Streets Division or (831) 646-3927
For other banners associated with temporary use cases $10.72. Permit must be obtained in person from the Planning Office - Planning
Description and Fee
Special Event Permit/Beach Wedding Permit $643
Colton Hall Wedding Permit $185.30 Mtry Res/$218 non-resident
Group BBQ/Picnic Facility Use Permit at Park $65.02 Mtry Res/$85 non-resident
Group Beach Use Permit $65.02 Mtry Res/$85 non-resident/$228 Commercial Use
Bounce House/Inflatable Permit $53 See for more on City of Monterey parks and beaches, and pages 3, and 15-18 of the Master Fee Schedule for more Recreation fees and permits.
Monterey Recreation will review all permit applications in order to ensure each application meets the City’s objective to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare by ensuring that events are compatible in size and type of use with their sites, etc.  Submitting an application is not a guarantee of approval. 

Please note: Custom House Plaza and a few other parks in Monterey are managed by the State of California. See more information on State Parks use fees.
Film, including waiver/hold harmless Police
Description and Fee
Parking Spaces Parking
Description and Fee
Parking fees based on daily rate for number of spaces reserved plus 20% overhead. Slightly different for large groups.
Business License Finance
Description and Fee
Vendors participating in any Monterey special event that do not currently have a City business license must submit a business license application and the business license tax of $30.  County Fair vendors are exempt from obtaining a temporary business license (MCC §19-15).   Vendors are required to obtain a business license for all other events held at the Monterey County Fairgrounds.

Temporary Encroachment Building
Description and Fee
Tent/Canopy Use Building
Description and Fee
SEE PAGE 21 for prices - Master Fee Schedule
Fire plan and review, tent installation. Building Fees are equal to Fire Fees.  Structural engineering must be provided for tent installation and anchorage.
Trade show set-up review Special events stand-by (Fire) - fully burdened cost
Fire Regulations for Portable Exterior Farmers Market and Festival Cooking Booths
Traffic Control Plan Review Fee (see page 7) Traffic
Description and Fee
Traffic Control Plan Quick Reference
Environmental Best Management Practices (BMPs) Sustainability
Event planners have the unique opportunity to hold activities in close proximity to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Please join us in protecting this valuable natural resource by making “pollution prevention” a critical outcome of your event.
Change or Cancellation  

DroneIconDrones are subject to federal regulation. California law makes it a crime for a drone operator to interfere with emergency personnel in the performance of their duties. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a B4UFLY app that has a useful map feature that shows if you are near an airport or other restricted air space location and it also includes information on drone regulations. Additionally, refer to the Monterey Regional Airport UAS and Drone Information web page: and FAA's Frequently Asked Questions about drones:
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February 2021: FAA making big rule changes for drones
If your agency flies a drone for shooting video, doing photography, or any other reason, the FAA has released a new rule that requires drones to broadcast what is essentially a digital "license plate" that identifies the serial number of the unit that can be traced back to the owner. Here are all the details: