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Strategic Priorities

It’s an exciting time to consider what might we create together in Monterey. Our Library is celebrating 175 years of service this year and is constantly learning, growing, and adapting to serve our community. What is the library great at? What are we not so great at? What do we need to prioritize to better serve you? Monterey Public Library wants to hear from you. 

I invite you to take our survey to help steer the future of your library. I encourage you to be candid and call on your imagination. Together, we will continue to grow and make positive changes in Monterey! 

Brian Edwards

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Participate and share your input:

  • Take the SURVEY
  • Join a Conversation at the Monterey Public Library on April 10th, 16th, or 20th. Check the Events Calendar for details.
  • Look for us in the community at upcoming events, such as MMA's Block Party, Farmers Markets, and the Story Walk at El Estero Park.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

¡Saludos a todos!

Es un momento emocionante para considerar lo que podríamos crear juntos en Monterey. Nuestra biblioteca está celebrando 175 años de servicio este año y está constantemente aprendiendo, creciendo y adaptándose para servir a nuestra comunidad. ¿En qué es excelente la biblioteca? ¿Cómo podemos mejorar? ¿Qué debemos priorizar para brindarle un mejor servicio? La Biblioteca Pública de Monterey quiere saber su opinión.  

Los invito a que respondan a nuestra encuesta para ayudar a dirigir el futuro de su biblioteca. Te animo a que seas sincero y recurras a tu imaginación. ¡Juntos, continuaremos creciendo y haciendo cambios positivos en Monterey!

Brian Edwards 

Participa y comparte tus opiniones:

  • Toma la ENCUESTA
  • Únase a una conversación en la Biblioteca Pública de Monterey el 10, 16 o 20 de abril. Consulte el calendario de eventos para obtener más detalles.
  • Búsquenos en la comunidad en próximos eventos como MMA’S Block Party, Farmer’s Market y Story Walk en El Estero Park

¡Gracias por tomar el tiempo para compartir sus comentarios con nosotros!

RI3A1313The Monterey Public Library Strategic Priorities 2021-2023 were adopted by the Board of Library Trustees on Thursday, December 3, 2020.

Mission: Monterey Public Library is a welcoming community, cultural, and learning center for people of all ages. We encourage discovery, share the joy of reading, celebrate Monterey’s history and heritage, and protect the right to know.

Vision: Inspire, Delight, and Educate All: the Library IDEA!
Values:    Excellence      Freedom      Innovation      Passion


Organizational Excellence – Staffing, Operations, Funding
Staffing Reorganization - director drafts, consults staff, makes recommendations, and Board approves. Take into consideration budget, community priorities, technology efficiencies, comparison cities.
  • Explore use of Volunteers to complement staffing needs.
  • Explore Cross-training: ensure that staff are able to provide backup for critical functions and that succession planning is addressed.
Fund Development: Implement 2021 Plan. Prioritize comprehensive campaign (Monterey Learns!), and focus on: increased contributions; attention to relationship-based fundraising (major and mid-level gifts); attentive stewardship to retain donors; expanding the donor base; and partnering with the MPL Friends & Foundation. Explore grant projects such as LSTA funding for programs.
Promotion: create a modest PR plan and schedule with current players.
Revenue Generation: explore strategies for revenue generation
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging: Staff create and propose a DEI plan. 

Digital Strategy (Technology)
Implement RFID and continue to explore Automated Material Handling (AMH)
New Content Management System - Migrate Library and Museums websites to new CMS and revamp our content.
Enhance Customer Technology Experience – improve public printing for reopening
Offer virtual technology training (Ebooks, Library catalog searching, Databases, Zoom) if need warrants.
Explore core technology needs – assess community needs during the pandemic
Explore California History Room Digitization project.

Learning and Literacy (Programs)
Offer programs for all ages – that inform, inspire, build community engagement, promote reading, celebrate Monterey’s rich past, and support community priorities of economic, mental and physical health, and social justice.
  • Provide virtual programs that meet objectives for all ages, and extend virtual programs beyond pandemic.
Relaunch Bookmobile as health restrictions and funding permits.
  • Explore Electric Vehicle – a supplementary vehicle to facilitate outreach.
Prepare Facility for Reopening.
  • Maintain safe library operations in the COVID-19 environment to support public health efforts to protect public and staff.
  • Reconfigure Library Staff Help Desk (LDH) for staffing efficiencies.
Working with other City departments, develop strategies to address challenges represented by the Library's diverse customer base (including the unsheltered, for example), optimizing service to all.
Library renovation – establish where Library renovation fits within the framework of City-wide future capital improvement planning.

Balanced Physical and Digital Collections and Enhanced Information Sources in all formats (Resources)
Keep the collection current for all community members and age groups, using donated funds and wish lists to supplement funding sources as necessary. Continue to develop the collection to reflect diverse authors, perspectives, and characters.
Streamline cataloging and processing – explore further efficiencies (e.g. Baker & Taylor TechXpress).
MOBAC Shared Catalog: continue to move project forward with partner libraries.