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Career Pathways

These resources are supported in whole or in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State Library.
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Coursera is the global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere access to online courses and degrees from world-class universities and companies. Through our partnership, you will be able to provide access to world-class, job-relevant content and credentials from 200+ business, government, and university partners, including Yale, Johns Hopkins and Google.
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LearningExpress Library
LearningExpress Library Complete includes academic skill-building, test prep and career-related resources — all in one easy-to-use online platform.
Recursos Para Hispanohablantes
Expires 9/30/2024
LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator
LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator gives you the tools you need to explore careers, find open positions, apply for jobs and get hired.
Expires 9/30/2024
Linkedin Learning
Focuses on the skills needed to land jobs that are currently in-demand (based on workforce and labor market data, the future of work predictions, and current trends) and provides professional certificates that can be added to a LinkedIn profile. Offers critical soft skills training, such as resilience, teamwork, and time management and provides courses in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and four other languages.
Expires 9/30/2024
Northstar Digital Literacy
Northstar Digital Literacy defines the basic skills needed to use a computer and the internet in daily life, employment, and higher education.
Expires 9/30/2024
Need help finding the VA benefits you are eligible for? Not sure who to contact? Get personalized assistance from a VA navigator to learn more about your eligibility for VA benefits. Send a question about benefits 24/7. Access Veteran Resources to discover local and nationwide resources in education, employment, housing, and healthcare.
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