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Computers & Internet


networkThe Library Network
The Library public computer network  includes 13 Internet workstations and 8 workstations reserved for the Library Catalog, Web resources, Internet reservations, and other services. The network shares a 10 megabit fiber-optic connection to the Internet backbone at California State University Monterey Bay through the City of Monterey Institutional Network (I-Net).

The Wireless Network
There are six 802.11b/g/n (Wi-Fi) wireless access points covering the Library, Community Room, terrace, and patio. The wireless access and printing software supports 120 simultaneous users.

To protect your privacy and prevent spamming, you will not be able to use e-mail client software (Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.) with unsecured e-mail protocols on the wireless network. Your e-mail provider probably also provides secured and/or Web access to your account.

Note for Windows Vista users
Laptops running the Windows Vista operating system may be unable to see or join the wireless network. A possible solution is available here. The Library has not tested this solution and cannot guarantee that it will work for you or that it will not cause other problems on your computer.

alex_jaydee1Library Laptops
You may check out a laptop computer to use in the Library building. Microsoft Office is installed on the laptops, and wireless Internet is available. You can save files on a flash drive or burn a CD. Wireless printing is available. To borrow a laptop, you need a current Monterey or Pacific Grove Public Library card, and you must read and sign a User Agreement. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must also sign the Agreement.

Video, Audio, and Multimedia
You can watch video and listen to audio on Internet computers and Library laptops using common Web formats such as HTML5, MP3, MP4, mov, and Windows Media. If you see an alert notifying you that you do not have the software necessary to view or listen to a specific file, use the Suggestion Box or speak with a staff member at the Library Help Desk.


Pick up prints at the Print Release Station in the Print & Copy area.

cautionWireless Privacy and Security
The wireless network is not encrypted. Other users may intercept information you send or receive using the wireless network. The Library recommends that you do not enter credit card numbers, passwords, or other personal information.

Other wireless users may also be able to view or change files on your computer. The Library recommends that you install and use anti-virus software, firewall software, and current security upgrades.

The Library Internet Policy
To use Library Internet computers, laptops, or the wireless network, you much agree to comply with Library Board Policy 170: Internet Access and Use.