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Local Coastal Program Page Now Published on Have Your Say Monterey Engagement Portal

hysm150x50The Local Coastal Program web page was published April 15, 2022 at

The City of Monterey is currently updating the draft Local Coastal Program (LCP) that was originally drafted as part of a grant the City of Monterey received from the California Coastal Commission and Ocean Protection Council in 2014 to update its LCP. 

Two existing conditions reports were prepared in 2016, including a 2016 City of Monterey Existing Conditions and Issues Report that provides a science-based assessment of coastal erosion issues, and a 2016 Existing Conditions Report, Biological Resources, that provides updates on existing conditions information contained in the existing subarea Land Use Plans (LUPs) for Cannery Row, Monterey Harbor, Del Monte Beach, Laguna Grande, and Skyline (see Project Resources). Various public meetings were held at this time (See Reference Documents).

The LCP update involves the preparation of a single land use plan, and the preparation of an implementation plan for adoption by the City Council and certification by the California Coastal Commission.

The City welcomes and encourages public participation in the Local Coastal Program process. Please send us an email or letter to let us know comments/questions you would like the City to consider as part of the Local Coastal Program (LCP) process and/or related to coastal resources. Our goal is to initiate review of the Local Coastal Program by Summer 2022.

What are the steps toward adoption of the City of Monterey’s LCP?
  1. City staff finalizes draft LCP (Land Use Plan and Implementation Plan).
  2. Planning Commission Study Session and/or Hearing.
  3. City Council Hearing Study Session and/or Hearing.
  4. City Council review and adoption of the LCP.
  5. LCP is submitted to the California Coastal Commission for a consistency review with the Coastal Act requirements.
  6. Coastal Commission certifies the LCP.
  7. City codification of the LCP; implementation of LCP begins.