Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility City of Monterey to Celebrate Pride Month With a Flag Raising Event, June 1, 2023

City of Monterey to Celebrate Pride Month With a Flag Raising Event, June 1, 2023

Photos from the event:
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June is Pride Month, when the world's LGBTQIA2S+ communities come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. Pride Month celebrates years of struggle for civil rights and the ongoing pursuit of equal justice under the law for marginalized groups. The City of Monterey’s display of the Intersex Progress Pride Flag is a demonstration of the community’s commitment for an inclusive community, and a reminder that discrimination, prejudice, and ignorance have no place in our city. 

As part of an effort to build a community where everyone feels valued, seen, and respected, the City of Monterey will host a Pride Month flag-raising event, Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. The event takes place at the City Hall flagpole at the corner of Pacific and Madison streets next to the historic Brown-Underwood Adobe, home to the City Manager’s Office at City Hall, and includes a welcome from Monterey Mayor Tyller Williamson, who said:

“It is our collective responsibility to seek justice and equality for every marginalized group. It starts with each of us, being allies and advocates for LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. Raising the Pride flag signifies that we see them, we hear them, and we stand with them. It's a powerful symbol of unity and solidarity.”   


Pride Flag displayed for Pride Month, June 2022 at Monterey City Hall